Wet Sounds WS-220 BT Controller With Bluetooth

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For total control over your Wet Sounds system, look to the WS-220 BT 4 Zone Level Controller with Bluetooth®. The WS-220 BT allows independent control of four separate audio zones and a simple master volume control. All four zones are equal and can be set up to control your favorite Wet Sounds amplifiers to fed zones such as our tower speakers, cabin speakers and subwoofers. The WS-220 BT is designed to give a user ultimate control at their fingertips over any Audio System. 

Equipped with a talkback microphone, the WS-220 BT automatically mutes the music on Zone 1 when the Talk Button is pressed. This allows for communication over a wide area, then reverts back to the music when the talk button is released.

You can choose to listen to music from a main source unit or an auxiliary input and for maximum versatility, the WS-220 BT also includes Bluetooth® compatibility for wireless steaming convenience from your smartphone, or any other Bluetooth® enabled device. All three sources have independent gain adjustments for the perfect matched output on any source.

For the ultimate party experience, hook up the optional Wet Sounds A-Link kit, which allows you to share your audio wirelessly with other Wet Sounds equipped systems for multiple listening experiences!


The WS-220 BT is a 4 Zone level controller with built in Bluetooth®.  Utilizing the CSR BT 4.0 with AptX codec for the highest sound quality available.  Main and Auxiliary inputs built in as well for true 3 source selection all housed in a one half DIN chassis.  Using our exclusive design which allows the independent control of 4 zones which can be assigned to any audio components in a system. For instance, Zone 1 could be set up for Tower Speakers, Zone 2 could be used for Front Cabin Speakers, Zone 3 could be Rear Cabin Speakers, and Zone 4 could be Subwoofer(s).

Levels can be set for each of these zones independently, then the Master allows overall control of all 4 zones. The WS-220 BT includes a talk back microphone with its own independent level control, allowing the adjustment of the microphone level independently of the music.

The talk back microphone can be used to broadcast a voice over long distances – similar to a public address system. When the talk button on the microphone is pressed, music is automatically muted on Zone 1 and the microphone audio is broadcast over Zone 1. When the microphone talk button is released, music returns to the previous level.

1. Master Level. This controls the overall volume of the system – overriding all zones with the exception of the Mic level control.

2. Zone 1. This controls the level of whatever amplifier is connected to it. Microphone audio is broadcast on this zone only, so it is suggested that this zone be used for Tower Speakers. The Master Level control overrides this zone control.

3. Zones 2-4. These control whatever amplifiers are connected to them. These zones are equal in operation, so they can be assigned in any way needed. The Master Level overrides all these zones.

4. Mic. This controls the level of the microphone when the talkback button is pressed. Mic level is unaffected by the Master level control.

5. Source. Allows switching between Main (head unit), Auxiliary (wired audio device), or Bluetooth® enabled wireless device.

6. Auxiliary Input. 3.5 mm input jack for MP3 player or additional wired audio source.

7. Boat Link. 3.5mm output jack. For linking with other WS-220BT, WS-420BT/SQ equipped systems using the Wet Sounds A-Link Kit (Sold Separately)

8. Microphone Input. This is where the included talk back microphone should be connected.

9. Input Gain. 

9(a) Main input sensitivity adjustment. 

9(b) Aux input sensitivity adjustment. 

9.(c) Bluetooth® input sensitivity adjustment. These are to properly match the inputs of the WS-220 BT to the outputs of the sources connected. 

NOTE: If you are not an experienced installer, it is recommended to leave these adjustments in the preset factory position.

10. Illumination. WS-220 BT comes preset in blue illumination mode. If red is preferred, set this switch to the position marked “RED”.

11. Ground Isolation. If alternator whine appears in the system, the jumper position can be changed to even the grounding levels and eliminate the noise. Be sure the system is off before adjusting the jumper!

S/N Ratio: 80dB @ 1V Input
Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 40 kHz
Operational Voltage: 11-15V DC, Negative Ground
Input Impedence: 20K Ohms
Chassis Dimension: 4.615" L x 6.9" W x 1.050" H
Max Output Voltage: 5V RMS
T.H.D.: 0.05%
Faceplate Dimension: 0.100" L x 8.062" W x 1.650" H
Built-In Bluetooth: Yes
Zone Control: Yes