Rockford Fosgate M2D2-12I-M2 12" DVC 2Ω Color Optix™ Infinite Baffle Marine Subwoofer

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"The M2 series of Element Ready™ subwoofers are designed to pair with the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix™ Controller and RF Connect App through its Deutsch™ and Amphenol™ connectors integrated into the basket. This combined with their IP67 certification make these speakers Element Ready™ and truly purpose built for marine applications. To compliment the plug and play connectivity and streamline installation, M2 subwoofers are equipped with a VersaSwitch™ to make changing impedance between 1 and 4 ohms as easy as flipping a switch. This subwoofer is optimized for Infinite Baffle installations, where an enclosure is not required. A mounting baffle is required to isolate any interaction between the front and rear wavelengths to prevent cancellation.

Element Ready™ design protects lighting from exposure
Adjust color experience to suit your taste with Rockford Fosgate® Color Optix™ controller (optional)
Bright, wide-angle LEDs provide rich, reliable illumination
Integrated Deutsch™/Amphenol™ connectors make wiring connections simple and error proof
Industry’s first molded in-frame connectors for simple connectivity in addition to conventional spade terminals
VERSA impedance switch quickly allows series or parallel configuration without additional wiring
100% UV Stable ASA plastic frame & grille design stands up to harsh marine environment
Gold plated Marine grade brass connection terminals provide a corrosion resistant, maintenance free connection
Deutsch DT connectors incorporate a front and rear silicone sealing system to protect against environmental ingress
2-piece grille allows for interchangeable stainless-steel or ""sport"" option
Optimized for infinite baffle applications when an enclosure is not an option
Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone body with UV inhibitors
Provides superb low and midrange frequency reproduction with smooth high frequency roll-off
VAST vertical attach surround technique increases effective radiating cone area up to 25%
Klippel Verified certification program delivers the best possible speakers
IPX6 Rated
2-Year Warranty"