K40 Platinum100 Radar detector with GPS (With remote control)

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K40 offers radar with convenience and smarts

The Platinum100 radar detector from K40 makes driving less stressful by giving you plenty of advance warning and long-range protection, plus built-in GPS technology for intelligent marking of known trouble spots, enforcement areas, and recurring false alerts. K40 knows you want a smooth journey so they outfitted the Platinum100 with high-performance parts (like a low-noise amplifier) and lightning-fast filters so you can enjoy your time on the road without distractions.

System control at your fingertips

The K40 Platinum100 offers the first ever wireless remote control for a windshield-mounted radar detector. With this handy remote riding shotgun, you can customize and control your detector without taking your eyes off the road. The compact remote includes buttons for menu, dimmer, power, mute, Mark to Mute, Mark to Alert, Quiet Ride, and city/highway sensitivity adjustments, plus volume controls.

Sweet OLED display

The Platinum100's multicolor OLED screen gives you plenty of info at a glance, including your direction of travel, current speed, and a clock, When an alert happens, you can see the signal type and strength detected in a 3- or 5-band bar graph, and you've got many options for what else you'd like to see. Six dimmer modes (including "off") let you control the ambience to suit your comfort level.

GPS-based features

The Platinum100's GPS-based features include:

  • Mark to Mute — allows you to mute radar and laser alerts from non-police sources such as automatic doors in a specific GPS location;
  • Mark to Alert — lets you mark and unmark any location, including specific threats such as speed traps, school zones, and red light cameras;
  • Quiet Ride — silence alerts when traveling below a preset speed;
  • Speed Monitor — constant audio and visual alerts for the driver to slow down when a pre-set speed is exceeded;
  • AutoFilter — automatically adjusts sensitivity based on vehicle speed

Audible warnings, too

The Platinum100 also offers audible warnings when a threat is detected, including voice alerts that warn you about the specific radar band targeting your car. The audio warnings also include a “Geiger” alert that increases in intensity as you get closer to the incoming signal source.

Filtered information

The Platinum100's K-band filter weeds out signals from non-police K-band radar sources, including vehicle safety systems that are radar-based such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, and lane departure warning systems — it'll even filter out K-band transmissions from your own vehicle.

Detects newer technology

Have you heard about MRCD and MRCT radars? Chances are you haven't, because they're relatively new forms of radar that use frequency-modulated bands, which makes them harder to detect than your old-school X-, K-, and Ka-band signals.

Programmable functions

This detector offers multiple user-programmable settings, giving you control over every parameter; you can choose which bands are monitored, and control the Quiet Ride and Speed Monitor functions. The mute function includes multiple options including automatic volume reduction.

Accessories included

The package includes a suction-cup swivel mount, a coiled power cord with 12-volt outlet adapter, and a straight power cord that you can use to hardwire the detector in your vehicle.

Product highlights:

  • radar/laser detector featuring GPS protection
  • wireless remote control
  • suction-cup windshield mount, coiled power cord, straight power cord, and extra fuses
  • headphone jack
  • mini-USB input
  • multi-color OLED display
  • detects all X, K, and Ka police radar bands, plus MRCD/CT
  • laser detection
  • low-noise amplifier (LNA) receiver boosts signal for long-range warning
  • digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and MRCD/CT
  • Traffic Sensor Filter rejects alerts from roadside traffic flow sensors
  • sensitivity modes: Highway, City, and AutoCity (speed-based)
  • K-Band Filter (KBF) rejects alerts from radar based safety features like collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control
  • filtration modes: Highway, City, Filter, Auto-Filter (speed-based)
  • RDD Guard provides protection from radar detector detection (RDD)
  • 25 programmable features
  • Mute, Extended Mute, and Auto Volume options
  • All Threat Mode
GPS Features:
  • Mark to Mute silences false stationary alerts
  • Mark to Alert for specific GPS locations like red-light cameras
  • Quiet Ride silences alerts until you exceed a selected speed
  • Speed Monitor over-speed alert
  • AutoFilter automatically adjusts sensitivity based on vehicle speed.
  • speed, clock, and compass display

What's in the K40 Radar box:

  • Radar/laser detector
  • 9.5' Straight power cord with vehicle power adapter
  • 3.5' Coiled power cord
  • Two 2A Spare fuses
  • Windshield mount with 2.5" suction cup
  • Remote control
  • CR2032 Lithium battery (installed in remote)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Warranty Registration for Ticket-Free Driving