JL Audio Rotary DRC Adaptor for MVi Amplifiers (MVi-DRCADAPT)

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Rotary DRC Adaptor for MVi Amplifiers

Add rotary DRC capabilities to MVi amplifiers with ease.

Permits direct connection of a DRC-205 rotary controller (non-marine) to a MVi amplifier for convenient remote preset selection, with RGB LED reporting, and adjustment of level, fader and balance from the helm.
Plugs directly to the JLid-COMM Port of a MVi amplifier
Powered via the JLid™ connection... no separate power wiring is needed!
Built-in multi-color LED reports condition and faults
Notes: Not compatible with mono MV amplifiers or the MVi-HUB.This product is not needed for connection of the M-DRC-50 push-button controller.