Ground Zero GZPA Reference 4PURE-SQ

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The designation of the REFERENCE 2PURE and 4PURE amplifiers reveal the essential idea behind: Pure Sound Quality! By omitting strictly any kind of signal affecting filter, the result is a completely new and impressing high-end audio performance never heard before.
Only the best components ever have been considered good enough to find their way to the REFERENCE amplifier line-up.

Cooled by a high-quality copper-anodized aluminum heat sink, each model has been equipped with a slightly toned acrylic bottom allowing a glance on the selected components accurately arranged on the discreetly white illuminated and copper-plated double-layer pc board.

2000 Watts
4-channel ultimate high end amplifier with pure direct signal layout, BIAS adjustment and best quality selected parts for the most sophisticated listener´s demands

High-End 4-channel SQ amplifier
Symmetrical layout
Class AB technology
Pure direct signal path
Variable BIAS setting
Exclusive high quality components
Rhodium coated RCA sockets
Exclusive heatsink with engraved Ground Zero lettering
Acrylic bottom plate with LED illumination
Highest Sound Quality – without compromises!