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The massive strand-cast aluminum heatsink of the HYDROGEN XII amplifiers is matching the NUCLEAR line. The affordable 2- and 4-channel class AB models and the class D mono version feature latest SMD technology and a stabilized dual power supply. Especially for limited installation space, GROUND ZERO offers the HYDROGEN MINI full-range class D amplifiers. Meeting all requirements 2- and a 4-channel models as well as two powerful mono amplifiers in a small-sized black-anodized aluminum heatsinks are available.

550 Watts
2-channel amplifier with high efficient class D circuit, integrated activ crossover and compact dimensions

Compact sized 2-channel amplifier
SMD components
Class D technology
Variable active crossover and bass boost, phase shift
Stabilized power supply
Large terminals
Solid heatsink with engraved Ground Zero lettering
Bass remote control included
High-level input with auto-on function