K40 Platinum100 Radar detector with GPS (Without Remote Control)

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Platinum Performance With Optional Remote Control and Laser Defuser Confidence.

Along with the finest in Ticket-Free performance, K40 takes your safety seriously.

Now, for the first time ever you have the option to control your portable radar and laser detector with a convenient handheld remote control or professionally installed expert controller. This innovation allows you to customize and control your radar detector while keeping your eyes on the road.

K40’s Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector is also ready to connect to your professionally installed Laser Defusers giving you the confidence of true protection from laser speeding tickets and audible and visual alerts through your Platinum100 so you know exactly when you are being targeted by and jamming police laser.

Keep reading below to find out about all the amazing features and functions of this newest Ticket-Free Guaranteed offering from K40 Electronics.