K40 Electronics Laser Defuser

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Complete defense against police laser speeding tickets.

If you’ve ever seen a police officer parked and outside of his vehicle looking at traffic with what looks like a small movie camera or binoculars, you’ve probably just been targeted by LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), also known as laser. Police laser guns are short-range (typically 1000 feet), and pinpoint accurate. If the crosshairs of the laser gun are targeted on your vehicle and you’re speeding, they’ve got you, pull over, game over.

Unlike police radar, there is no advance warning with police laser guns. Your only defense is a good offense with K40 Laser Defusers™.

K40 Electronics introduced the very first Laser Defuser in 1994 (which started the whole laser defense industry), so we know a thing or two about combatting police laser, including the latest variable pulse rate (VPR) guns used today. We build confidence and reliability into all of our products so that, you can drive without limits, knowing you’re protected.

We’re so confident in the performance and protection you’ll experience with our Laser Defusers, they are covered by our one-year “Ticket-Free Guarantee“.

Radar System Compatibility – All K40 Laser Defusers integrate with any K40 remote radar system, you receive alerts from a single warning display (LED(s) and a hidden speaker for both police radar and police laser alerts.

Stand-Alone Option – Already in love with your current or portable radar detector? The K40 Laser Defusers can be installed on any vehicle with a stand-alone kit containing an LED and warning buzzer, giving you police laser protection you can’t get from a radar detector alone.

Laser Defuser Optix – Features

Each Laser Defuser Optix transponder contains a powerful Nanostack™ technology pulsed laser diode for high optical laser jamming output power and outstanding reliability.

• Ultra-Compact Footprint for Discreet Placement
The Laser Defuser Optix has a compact footprint that allows for a custom and discreet installation into grilles and other tight spaces.
• Updatable to Ensure Optimum Performance
The interface controller features a USB port so the systems software can be updated as new police LIDAR technology emerges.
• Maximum Coverage Protection
The in-vehicle sync interface can fire up to five transponders simultaneously for superior detection and maximum laser jamming output to combat the latest VPR LIDAR guns.

Three User-Selectable Transmit Modes

• Constant Transmit: For as long as it’s receiving a police laser gun signal, the Laser Defuser Optix transponder will continuously transmit back to the gun.
• Pulse Transmit: Upon receiving a police laser gun signal, the Laser Defuser Optix transponder will transmit an “error” signal back to the gun for up to five seconds. The system will then switch to Receive Only mode for 30 seconds.
• Receive Only: The Laser Defuser will only detect police laser. No jamming signal will be emitted.